• Buying American

    “I went out and bought 2 Smith & Wesson pistols. I put the money back in to circulation, I bought an American made product and I demonstrated my support for the Constitution of The United States of America. “

    John, 52, Network Admin
    Edison, NJ

  • Spread Thin


    “I had a plan – 60% to bills & 40% to savings. When I got the check, it turned out to be more like 70% to bills and 10% to new clothes and shoes for the boy and 10% on food and gas and $50 church donation, which is about five months worth of what we can normally afford.”

    Mrs. D, 32, Chef Manager
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Preparing For The Worst

    “I stashed my $600.00 stimulus check in my money market account to prepare for when I am replaced by an unqualified H-1B Visa worker. I received my notice last week that I have to train my replacement to take my job away from me. I wonder how the training will go since the person I have to train doesn’t know how to spell and can barely speak English. When my stimulus, unemployment and money market account run out of money I am going to walk away from my mortgage and leave the wreckage for the next administration to cleanup. Isn’t America great?”

    Chris, 44, Information Technology
    New London, CT

  • It’s oh so Pathetic

    “Because i just found out i was losing my job in september due to yet another factory closing it all went toward bills. I guess i should be happy i still have utilities and food for now but as a single mom of three with no job the expenses and bills keep piling up. i would have rather that money go towards the government finding my deadbeat baby daddy who ran out of state and get him to pay his d*** child support.”

    Roberta Kolar, 31, UNEMPLOYED
    Port Huron, MI

  • We bought a stove

    “My husband and I decided to spend our stimulus package on new appliances for our kitchen. It was part of a renovation we did to update a 1950’s style kitchen.”

    Hilary, 34, Project Manager-Publishing
    Salem, MA

  • posts/view/1869

    “With my stimulus check I was able to get my car payments back in order, which was only a couple of hours away from being repossessed. Without my car I wouldn’t be able to make it to work to make any money! It really got me out of a difficult situation. “

    Madison, WI

  • Oh what a relief it was


    “I bought a tank of propane for winter fuel oil and paid off small extaneous debt so I can focus more attention on the larger ones having a greater impact on the debt.”

    Gail, 48, manager
    Bernardsville, NJ


    “I used the money to buy additional supplies for my concession stand. I am a festival vendor and create beautiful and delicious sundaes that are hit at events! At least I’ll have summer employment if I happen to lose my 9 to 5. I’m tired of going to a job everyday and making someone else rich!”

    Diamond Trio Treats, 38, Project Manager
    Cleveland, Ohio

  • Nothing original – but sorely needed !

    “My husband and I have been caring for my elderly Mom for a few years and could not get away for an extended vacation. Unfortunately, Mom died in February. We used our stimulus check to take a 2 week vacation to Florida – visiting family and friends. We had a wonderful time and feel ready to tackle the world !”

    Bel Air, Maryland

  • Brighton Beach Memoir

    “I went to NY to see my sis!”

    Laurel, 57, Tech
    Oakland, CA