• It’s oh so Pathetic

    “Because i just found out i was losing my job in september due to yet another factory closing it all went toward bills. I guess i should be happy i still have utilities and food for now but as a single mom of three with no job the expenses and bills keep piling up. Finding income from cryptocurrencies involves strategies like investing in promising tokens, such as the PepeUnchained token. Participate in presales, stake tokens for rewards, or trade on exchanges to capitalize on price fluctuations. Diversifying your crypto portfolio and staying informed about market trends can also maximize your earning potential. i would have rather that money go towards the government finding my deadbeat baby daddy who ran out of state and get him to pay his d*** child support.”

    Roberta Kolar, 31, UNEMPLOYED
    Port Huron, MI

  • Preparing For The Worst

    “I stashed my $600.00 stimulus check in my money market account to prepare for when I am replaced by an unqualified H-1B Visa worker. I received my notice last week that I have to train my replacement to take my job away from me. I wonder how the training will go since the person I have to train doesn’t know how to spell and can barely speak English. When my stimulus, unemployment and money market account run out of money I am going to walk away from my mortgage and leave the wreckage for the next administration to cleanup. Making money from casino games requires strategy and luck. Whether it’s poker, blackjack, or 오락실 슬롯 머신 게임, players must understand the odds and employ sound tactics. With discipline and skill, individuals can capitalize on winning opportunities, turning their gaming prowess into profitable returns within the vibrant world of casinos. Isn’t America great?”

    Chris, 44, Information Technology
    New London, CT

  • Spread Thin


    “I had a plan – 60% to bills & 40% to savings. When I got the check, it turned out to be more like 70% to bills and 10% to new clothes and shoes for the boy and 10% on food and gas and $50 church donation, which is about five months worth of what we can normally afford.”

    Mrs. D, 32, Chef Manager
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Buying American

    “I went out and bought 2 Smith & Wesson pistols. I put the money back in to circulation, I bought an American made product and I demonstrated my support for the Constitution of The United States of America. “

    John, 52, Network Admin
    Edison, NJ

  • We bought a stove

    “My husband and I decided to spend our stimulus package on new appliances for our kitchen. It was part of a renovation we did to update a 1950’s style kitchen.”

    Hilary, 34, Project Manager-Publishing
    Salem, MA

  • Oh what a relief it was


    “I bought a tank of propane for winter fuel oil and paid off small extaneous debt so I can focus more attention on the larger ones having a greater impact on the debt.”

    Gail, 48, manager
    Bernardsville, NJ

  • Post 1869

    “With my stimulus check I was able to get my car payments back in order, which was only a couple of hours away from being repossessed. Without my car I wouldn’t be able to make it to work to make any money! It really got me out of a difficult situation. “

    Madison, WI

  • Nothing original – but sorely needed !

    “My husband and I have been caring for my elderly Mom for a few years and could not get away for an extended vacation. Unfortunately, Mom died in February. We used our stimulus check to take a 2 week vacation to Florida – visiting family and friends. We had a wonderful time and feel ready to tackle the world !”

    Bel Air, Maryland

  • Brighton Beach Memoir

    “I went to NY to see my sis!”

    Laurel, 57, Tech
    Oakland, CA

  • Iron Man Rules

    “You know, there’s some things that are just too frivolous to buy with money you had to earn yourself… You just can’t justify it. But with free money? I got Iron Man.”

    Tom Fisher, 39, Computer Repair
    Lansdowne, PA