• Gone before I knew it!

    “I needed to buy tires for my Santa Fe, but by the time I had time off from working two jobs, hubby told me the money was all gone!!! Car insurance payment of $800 took the bulk and the rest went to gasoline and bills. I still need tires, but figure if I crash and burn,,,at least I get off this rock!lol I’m burnin $200 a week on gasoline just to commute to and from work and there is no mass trasit in the pine barrens of NJ to central Jersey! “

    Cyndee Louwho, 36, Human services assistant & benefit analyst
    Pine Barrens, NJ

  • A Hard Working Mom Trying To Make It

    “My name is Kelly and I am a single mom of three kids and I work full time for a construction company. I got my check and it was not what it was suppose to be and I have yet to get an answer as to why. I was hoping that this check would help us get ahead with food and utlities but instead 865.54 went to fixing my truck the fly wheel went on it. Of course just my luck. So now it’s just a matter of trying to keep my head above water. I just wish things would slow down on increasing becasue I see no end in sight.”

    Kelly Young, 29, Accounting/Construction
    Sanford, Florida

  • Summer Camp!!!

    “My wife went back to work at the end of last year, after being home with the kids for 10 years. Of course we did not put a whole lot of thought into the SUMMER and no school! So, the rebate check went towards a great summer camp for the kids. They are having a blast, busy all day, and we did not have to scramble for summer babysitting.”

    John, 44
    Rochester, MN

  • A Little Late…


    “Well, I spent our stimulus check on our bills, and our rent, and that didn’t even put a nitch on what we owe for rent, I am a single mother of 3, and we are 3 months still behind on rent…it didn’t seem to be enough with the prices of everything else going sky high.”

    Dawn, Student, for my RN
    New Miford, PA

  • My Savior from eviction!

    “Well ,that drop in unemployment happened to us, on the day before i went in for a c-section my husband was laid off for the 3rd time! buy the time the check arrived he had been laid off a fourth time!Thank god for that check! We saved ourselves from eviction,paid the electric,paid the water bill.got gas,got something to eat, and got the 2 oldest kids a toy,but we’re still missing money from the stimulus package we filed jointly and only got $600 for us when it should’ve been $1200 for married couples,we’ll see if i get that money!”

    michele romero, 23, unemployed
    naples, florida

  • Stimulate what?


    “I spent my stimulus check on food and clothing for my son and I. It didn’t go far. Of course, because I am a single mother with a low income job, I didn’t get as much as others. How’s that for sense?”

    Windy, 29
    Greenfield, MA

  • Post 1541

    “Well, I was disappointed when all I got was $600.00 and I’m a single Mom of two boys. My intent was to spend my TOTAL rebate monies on a new energy efficient refridgerator, but instead my $600 went to my mortgage instead.”

    Watercolor Arteest, 35, Buyer, OEM
    Concord, NH

  • Not Enough Help

    “In less than an hour on the phone I spent my check on bills. Just trying to get caught up so we can make it through these rough times, if only they would had sent $4000 more I would be caught up on our debt. We even managed to pay for our daughters’ graduation party. What they don’t tell you is if your child is 18 that child does not qualify, kind of a kick in the face I think. Still have debt, made no new purchases and will not for a long time. “

    Jim, 39, Wood product Ind.
    Newberry, MI

  • Our First Child

    “3 days prior to recieving my stimulus check, my husband and I had our first child. Without this check, I would not have been financially able to take any maternity leave. I used this check to pay bills that would have been covered by my paycheck.”

    Karen, 32, Inspections Clerk
    Springfield, IL

  • It was spent before it came…

    “I spent my check on BILLS. We needed to get caught up and could use one more of those to do so. This economy and gas prices stink. We couldn’t do anything we wanted to because we live paycheck to paycheck and just HAD TO GET CAUGHT UP ON BILLS. “

    Heather P., 27, Stay at home mother with disabilitys
    Lexington, KY