• Home Improvements Needed

    “New roofing materials to replace an old roof and new bathroom fixtures/walls/tub surround/shower doors to replace water-damaged bathroom walls in a 60-year old home.”

    Nicole, 46, Customer Service / Data Management
    Syracuse, New York

  • One less satisfied citizen!

    “Well, you won’t find any happy endings here. We got back nearly $400 less than we originally thought, and had to opt for just paying down the past-due bills. With both our state refunds being late, we feel as if we haven’t gotten anything “

    I S, Marketing Consultant
    Durham, NC

  • Stimulus not worth it for us….

    “we did not get a check… the goverment took our check for child support. here is the kicker… the child support is for my husband’s first child who is 19, has not lived with his mom for over a year and graduated high school but because his mother has not turned in any of the paperwork to stop the support, my husband is still being forced to pay her… we received no income tax (state or federal) or stimulus check… it all went to his greedy exwife. “

    Johanna Carlisle, 40, Business Analyst
    Phoenix, AZ

  • Stimulus my Arss

    “Homes foreclosures, gas prices, unemployment rate & utilities rising; our check was spent on gas, food, mortgage & utilities. Anything else was not an option. Baby Bush is only trying to disguise the fact that he’s screw up and a terrorist at heart. “

    Cali, 39, Logistics
    Austin, TX

  • Grocery Store Alternative

    “With our Stimulus Check, my family paid off our credit card debt. There was a tiny bit left for seeds for the garden pictured here.”

    Laura, 52, Homemaker
    Ceveland, Ohio

  • Nothing Special

    “I paid my rent. Boring, yes, but I probably would have had a lot of explaining to do to my landlord had I not gotten this check when I did. It definitely got me out of a very sticky situation.”

    Deb, 26, Dog Groomer
    Pepperell, MA

  • Baby Bootie!

    “I bought toy boxes for my son (seen playing in his soon to be little sister’s toybox when it arrived) and our baby girl due in August and used the rest to decorate the nursery and pay for the rather large Obstetrics bill!”

    Jen, 29, Part time Secretary and Stay at home Mom
    Peoria, Illinois

  • Following My Dream

    “I haven’t gotten my stimulus yet. But I did just quit my job to pursue my dream of becoming a photographer! Yikes! Such a scary thing to do these days. So as soon as that check rolls in it will for sure go to necessities, like food, gas and if there is any left over rent! “

    Angie B, 30, Unemployed
    Los Angeles, CA

  • A better place for my family!

    “We are going to be using our money to move into a better neighborhood. We don’t quite have all that we need so we are robbing peter to pay paul in order for us to move. The stimulus money will sure help but as we all know, everything is so expesive right now so it is going to take everything that we have to get our family into a better situation. “

    Desiree Starbuck, 30, Assistant Manager of Arby’s
    Rockford, Michigan

  • Escape

    “Spent it fixing up a house I bought in Panama so I can get the hell out of this screwed up country.”

    Beth, 49, RN
    Dallas, Texas