• Wedding and Honeymoon

    “With a wedding and honeymoon to pay for, its hard to specify exactly where the money went. You could say it went to the photographer, or the caterer, or the bar bill. Or to spending money for our honeymoon in Cancun. All I know is, the money is gone, and it helped to contribute to the best week and a half of my life so that we didn’t have to tap into savings or go into debt.”

    Allison, 28, Social Worker
    Somewhere In, Illinois

  • Billls Bills Bills

    “We deposited all our check in the bank and have slowly caught up some of the bills, but are a long way from done and have no more check left. It may have helped but it was a long way from getting our economic goals fixed. And to boot, we got our original refund direct deposit, and our stimulas chech ended up coming by check. They really screwed up on that one.”

    Dama Williams, 23, McDonalds
    Grand Junction, Colorado

  • IRS bites

    “The IRS kept ours. OUCH! We’ve just had a new baby and we didn’t pay in enough money, because we had to use it for insurance and medical bills. So, since we owed them money they decided how much of a downpayment to give them, they just kept the whole thing.”

    Lynn, 36
    Ventura, CA

  • its all good…

    “Well, almost all of it went to rent, and if it wasn’t that, all the other bills would be next!! But, the carnival was in town so I did use the little bit left to take my 1 year old daughter, Sylvia, for her first ride, games (won a goldfish), and some cotton candy! I’d say that was worth more than what I paid!!”

    cole, 24, artist/crafter
    Waynesboro, PA

  • Chicago vacation

    “my money went to my trip to chicago i had not been to my home town since summer of 2006”

    candy, 30, teller/clerk
    roma, tx

  • Paid taxes with tax money

    “I used it to pay on my property taxes…”

    Linda, 49, factory worker
    Alton, IL

  • The Stars Aligned

    “I bought a pair of turntables! It’s something I’ve always wanted but could never justify spending the money on, but the stars really aligned for this purchase. I found out a friend of a friend was selling his and I got them for only $250! I spent the other $50 on various nefarious activities.”

    Lindsey, 20
    Asheville, NC

  • Didn’t help me

    “Nothing, I have been unable to pay off my student loans since I left my husband. I have two kids and everything I earn goes to housing, food and gas. My tax checks go directly to the gov’t. I do not get support and left to protect my kids from verbal abuse.”

    Alex, 40, office manager
    Port Orange, FL

  • Beer Pong Tournament

    “I bought beer for my beer pong tournament. yeah bush!”

    Matt, 24, Recruiter
    Bel Air, Maryland

  • Helped pay bills

    “i bought nothing! I used it to pay my already too expensive NJ property taxes”

    ron, 45, manager
    moorestown, nj