• I bought a puppy!

    “I bought a new puppy, she cost exactly $600! We needed a friend for our other Papillion and although I spent all of my money, she was more than worth it!”

    Burtonsville, MD

  • Mazda Makeover

    “I gave my 2007 Mazda 3 a makeover. I put 4 news tires on it, got the windows tinted and some engine tweeks to try an save some money at the pump!”

    Craig, 24, Retail Management
    lackawanna, NY

  • Payin for school


    “We used the stimulus check for gas and for college tuition”

    Gail, 47, Administrator/Software Development/staffing
    Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • Night Rammer

    “I didn’t buy anything. I put the money towards paying off my truck (aka… pay down debt).”

    Mike, 25, Mechanical Engineer
    Valencia, CA

  • Odds and ends

    “I bought a Blackberry, three books of postage stamps, Wal-Mart necessities, perfume, backless/strapless silicone bras, and a side view mirror for my car that I broke a couple of weeks prior. And of course, gas.”

    Jolie, 37, Education
    Fremont, CA


    “I thought it was used to stimulate the economy. I have heard people paying off bills, putting it in savings or in my situation, I owed money, is that really stimulating. I DO NOT THINK SO….”

    hopkinsville, kentucky

  • A Place to Sit

    “We moved into a new apartment but had no furniture. We used our check to buy a couch, which my cat and I sit on often. “

    Nicole H, 20, College Student
    Provo, Utah

  • Thanks Bush for buying my gas from you

    “GAS!!! See this thing…it would be different if it was a luxary item but alas its not. I have a family of 8 and i need this to transport them all from dialysis appts for my father to school functions and the grocery store. Since its the only vehicle we can afford right now, with having to supply insurance and the like, my stimulus payment was 2 1/2 tanks of gas for roughly 3 to almost 4 weeks of driving. So basically Bush got his money back huh? “

    Gloria, 33
    saint joseph, mo

  • My Check Went Fast

    “Since racing is a family hobby as well as our favorite sport, I bought tickets to various racing events for myself and family members.”

    Akron, OH

  • Daddy’s Check = Daddy’s little girls dreams come true

    “I bought my new daughter the toys and clothes that she needed. She already has daddy wrapped around her little finger.”

    Joshua and Emily Davis, 22, Holiday Inn
    Mansfield, OH