• Magical Vacation

    “I spent my stimulus check to help pay for my trip to Orlando, Florida to go to all the Disney Theme Parks & Universal Studios 2 parks as well.”

    Luis, 26, Technical Support
    Houston, TX

  • Post 1841

    “I bought a Dooney and Burke handbag that I had been wanting forever. It was on sale, so I got $100 off. The rest I spent on my boyfriend’s birthday. I bought him shirts, underwear, jeans, and socks since he was laid off and can’t afford to buy the necessities anymore. I should have paid bills and put some into savings, but that purse is so pretty.”

    Sandy, 23, HR Assistant/Software
    Tucson, Arizona

  • Gay Paree

    “My stimulus will be used toward a trip to Paris I am taking with my sister later this year. Like many others here, I could think of no better way to spend it than in another country.”

    Claire W, 30, non-profit marketing director
    Houston, Texas

  • Aloha

    “A trip to Hawaii! Yes, awhile back around x-mas one could get a round trip to Hawaii from LA for $290, Yes $290! A freak fare. Knowing that I was going to get the check, I went in Feb. The other $310 was applied to rental car, & tours there.”

    Paul, 46, teacher
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Family Reunion

    “We went to our family reunion in Colorado and celebrated my Grandmother’s 95th birthday. For a week everyone pretended to get along and only drive each other a little nuts. The big splurge was on an upgrade on the rental car. Yet… I feel under stimulated. Since Iraq now has a budget surplus, maybe THEY can send us another stimulus check. After all, we’ve sent them a little cash. Sure we plunged their country into civil war and bombed their infrastructure, but still…”

    Winter, 45, writer, rabble rouser
    Canyon Lake, Texas

  • Some paella accompanied by a taste of Rioja wine

    “I spent part of my stimulus check on a paella cooked with prawns, clams, lobster tail, chicken marinated in a citrus-y sauce, and chorizos de pollo and de puerco. Mmmm!!! To celebrate the paella we also drank a bottle of Eduardo Garrido Garcia wine from my great-uncle-in-law in La Rioja in Spain. (The stimulus check did not pay for the bottle!) The rest went into savings…or setting up my first year classroom…or rent…depends on what I feel like saying at the moment. “

    L C
    Bay Area, CA

  • Grand-daughter’s Wedding

    “Received $300. $178 for plane ticket to my Grand-daughter’s wedding. $40.00 for a new Marine uniform belt, spent the rest on food when I came home. Money well spent.”

    Santa Barbara, California

  • Way to entrust Joe Public with 152 billion dollars

    “[hand against forehead, perplexed] But Mr. President, we gave you that money to improve domestic social programs, fix our broken healthcare system, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and lower the cost of gas. Are we to assume that you can’t figure out a way to effectively use this cash so you are just giving it back to us? [$599 went to my graduate loans, $1 went in to my checking account] “

    Alec, 26, agent
    Astoria, NY


    “Thanks for nothing GW. I work hard and make too much money to get anything…makes me angry that others who do not make as much get something–not fair!!! Makes me wonder what they did with the $35,000 in taxes I paid last year!!! nothing but BS- Vote for none of the above”

    Darren, 44
    catskill, NY

  • C’mon to my house, to my house…


    “Bought 8 sheets of OSB subfloor and 20 boxes of laminate floor which I installed throughout our house. Since I can’t sell my house, I figured we might as well improve it. The dogs were existing. “

    Jeff, 34, Mechanical Designer
    Cincinnati, OH