• Spinal fusion is expensive

    “While my friends got to use their stimulus checks for fun stuff, I put all the money toward medical bills from my back surgery in December (herniated disc), which I’m still paying off monthly.”

    Amanda Turner, 31
    Norman, OK

  • Just enough to help me get into a new Apartment

    “My check was only enough for the deposit on the new apartment I needed to move to since the one I was in skyrocketed $100 per month. :(“

    Mark H, 33, Technical/Computers
    Laurel, MD

  • What Stimulus Check?

    “Unfornately, my story is a little different. I had to file seperate from my husband just to get a stimulus check, but it back fired because now my husband owes the IRS. I took my part and paid some past due bills. Now we cannot even pay our personal property tax to get our tags renewed for our car. Wow, we need another refund. “

    Michele, 42, Unemployed
    Independence, missouri

  • No stimulus happening here

    “The Government kept ours because we owed tax money. So, there will be no stimulating the economy happening from this household. :(“

    Wendy, 41, Teacher
    Burlington , NC

  • We have to do WHAT with our stimulus check?

    “Don’t roll your eyes when you read this, but we put some of the stimulus money towards our property taxes and homeowners insurance and what little was left went into the savings account. It’s so hard to save money now due to high gas prices/high grocery cost/high electric bills, etc……shall I go on?????”

    Tammy, 40, Stay-at-home Mom
    Weatherford, Texas

  • Paris

    “My boyfriend and I spent it in Paris. So much for stimulating the American economy.”

    Kimberley, 38, Sales
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Happy First Birthday, Kairi!

    “My husband and I spent ours on bills, an investment and our daughter, Kairi. It was for her First Birthday!!”

    Manon Barwick, 23, Graphic Artist
    Sumter, South Carolina

  • Money well spent

    “Well i went ahead a bought a smith & wesson 38 special with my stimulus check. A my buddies bought the other guns with there bush checks. We thought with the way things are going in this country of ours that we might need them because im sure things are gonna get a lot worse before they get any better”

    mike edwards, 23, laid off because the factory shut down
    new york, ny

  • Room to grow

    ” We needed an office and a guest room. Our Basement was unfinished but with our stimulus check we built them both. My husband did all the work we just needed to buy the supplies. Thanks Home Depot! “

    Missy Hickcox, 26, Research/Biotech/Cheshire CT
    Waterbury, CT


    “Well this is a little different… My husband & I received our letter informing us Our Stimulus check had gone out… We were very excited.. We were going to go to a ‘Car Auction & get a car/clunker. Something to get us around so He can go to work… Wednesday my husband wakes me up, “Hey honey, Our check finally can, sign it so I can go cash it…” he says… BUT… [sniff sniff] when I open it, there’s a letter inside stating that ‘The entire amount, $600.00 was applied to my husbands VA medical bill!!! I can not describe the pain I got in my chest & still have. I would not have ever imagined that would happen, especially since $200 + is already being deducted from his SSI Retirement check anyway… OMG, WE NEEDED THAT MONEY SO SO VERY BAD !!!”