• The Sacred Heart of Jim Morrison


    “The hubby and I fell hard for this the moment we saw him. We bought him from the artist, William Stidham, at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, TN. It’s from William’s Sacred Heart Collection. We just got him mounted last night, and had no idea how well the Lizard King would fit our living room. He looks perfect. I’ll end this post with a quote from Jim: “I think in art, but especially in films, people are trying to confirm their own existences.” “

    Kim Bowman, 22, Media hustler and model
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Moving

    “Well, I tought I would be  able to buy something with my stimulus check but the only thing I bought was a moving van and boxes and a storage room.  Now that the economy has almost crashed, me ,y husband and my two children can’t afford to live own our own so we have to move in with my dad.  We though we would pay off some bills and get back on our feet but it will be awhile beofre we can do that.  Since we do not own a house we have nothing to borrow against.  Believe me this is not what I want!  I just hope and pray that something will happen and we will get a break.  It seems only the people that have a it of money gets a good break and the ones that are middle class get pushed over into the hole to be buried!”

    Ashley, 25, Stay at home mom
    toney, AL

  • Hot and Steamy

    “Well couldnt pass this up.Hate to see how its going to affect my power bill since it has raised 20 % Oh well its going to be a good summer.LOL”

    Jim, 47, Supervisor Precious Metals
    Parkersburg, West Virginia

  • Apparently I don’t exist right now. Check back later…


    “I was really excited about receiving a stimulus check. I actually make enough money to qualify and I really needed to put some money away. I figured that the fact I live at home would hurt me, but when my parents filed taxes, the government said they could not claim me. Strange, since I’m a 21-year-old full time student living at home. But the time for payment has come and there is no payment to be found. Hm… so I guess the IRS has just chosen not to acknowledge my existence at this particular time. We’ll see how they feel about my existence when my taxes are due next year…”

    Heather N, 21, full-time student, part timer retailer
    Birmingham, Alabama

  • How is paying off Uncle Sam stimulating our economy??!!!

    “I DIDN’T BUY ZIP, ZILCH, ZERO–NOT A DAMN THING!! All I bought was part of the f-ing IRS. First I received my letter stating my stimulus in the amount of $563.00 would be mailed on 7/11/08. Boy was I excited finally, after waiting nearly 3 frigin months. On 7/13/08 I receive what I thought would be a check but instead I receive a letter explaining my payment was kept and applied to my 2001 tax return from a balance. How is paying off Uncle Sam stimulating our economy??!!! Not to mention the bureaucratic waste with the correspondence… “

    Jordan Davis, 48, Grocery Business
    San Diego, CA

  • Just in time


    “Well i quit my job and thought that i was going to get two more checks but only got one and so i call my care note people and told them i would be late a week or so .Then the next day i checked the mail and my check had came so i paied my car note & insurance and still had some left to save so i put it way for the trip i plan to take later this year”

    L.J, 25, MIBC
    Houston, tx

  • Bills

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    “I got 600. 240 went to the power bill. 200 went to paying off a vet bill for the cat. (she had a c-section haha) and the rest went to gas to get to work. kinda sucks. i was hoping to buy some new clothes that I really could use.”

    S, 22, Hotel
    moss point, ms

  • Vacuum tube headphone amp

    “I squandered my check on a headphone amplifier from Woo Audio. It has vacuum tubes! It’s made in America, so I can feel patriotic when I use it to listen to my Swedish-made CD of pop songs from Thailand through my German-made headphones.”

    Doug, 53
    Omaha, NE

  • Thanks for nothing!

    “I have yet to get mine, but it will be spent on my house payment, and electric bill….Thanks, G-dub, but I didn’t stimulate the economy!”

    Jess, 24
    Elroy, Wisconsin

  • Starting a nest egg

    “I originally wanted to spend the stimulus on a laptop computer, but with the economy in the state that it’s in, I decided it would be more prudent to deposit it in my savings account. I want to build up a nest egg in case things get worse. I know, I know, I’m not stimulating the economy, but I have to do something to protect myself. And I’m not going to lay the blame specifically on W or Congress, though both have been inadequate — no matter who gets elected in ’08, we’re all screwed.”

    Rptrcub, 27, public relations
    Cobb County, GA