• Investing in the Future

    “I didn’t qualify for the stimulus check because of my status as a dependent student. I work and go to school full-time and am not supported by my parents at all. That’s just fine with me. My finance only received $300. We put that money right into savings, less one brand new pot because our old one was very scratched. Instead of people complaining they can’t afford their bills, how about canceling the internet? There is one less bill! Also, my lack of a stimulus check only means I will actually get a tax return next year! How about saving guys? Plan for the future! “

    Amanda D, 23, Student/Reception
    Lenoir, NC

  • Thanks GW, for nothing!

    “Just spent $50 to fill my gas tank of my TOYOTA!!!!!Thanks GW for nuttin!!! now I am going to pay my outrageous BG&E; bill. Thanks to Marylands wonderful governor O’Malley..Gee do I have any left???ummmm NO!”

    lani, 34, registered veterinary technician
    aberdeen, maryland

  • New IPod!

    “Last month, I filled my 30GB iPod and broke my headphones in the same afternoon. I was depressed, knowing I couldn’t afford (A) a bigger iPod or (B) new headphones to actually listen to my iPod. BUT, when my economic stimulus check came, I raced over to the Apple Store and bought a brand new 80GB. I gave my mom my old 30GB. In the end, we both win. :-)”

    Brooke, 20, Student/Advertising
    Chicago, Illinois

  • MY FIRST BICYCLE and an cheap ride to the beach

    “Well, lucky for my parents claim me so they got the bonus. I’m not complaining though they bought the parts i needed to fix my dirtbike ($40), a dogpack ($30)and my first bicycle($175). Yes, my first bicycle. My dog loves the bike rides down to the beach (I make her carry everything in her new dogpack) and I’m loving the excersize, not paying for gas and helping out the environment. I still need some lights and a basket for the bicycle. I take donations…”

    Halley, 22, Receptions/Student
    Santa Cruz, CA

  • Stimulate This

    “I put almost all of our check to pay off credit. By the end of the year we’ll be debt free. I would bitch about how my husband and I, being in poverty, only got $647, but I won’t. Because I know this is only a 2008 tax refund advance based on 2007 (we owed last year). So at least we will still get a refund next year where some people won’t because they got it all as a stimulus check. Same difference, but this helps us more now to look for a house to buy early next year. Our furry children will appreciate it. This may be a last ditch effort to make the presidency look good, but when people figure out it wasn’t free money Bush will be gone. People spend this wisely, it is your well deserved money. Oh, and as for the $47, it went to dinner out because it’s been a long time for that. So, thanks I guess.”

    Riane Conner, 23, Retail Hell
    Fort Myers, FL

  • Vacation

    “Thank you GB for the $600.00 stimulus check. Now I can take my vacation… hope there’ll be another one coming soon.”

    Dennis, 47, Rad Tech., CHC, Saipan
    Saipan, MP

  • Nada for me!

    “Well, well, well,…over the past few months I’ve watched about 20 professional co-workers with degrees in their fields fall victim to our flailing economy as the company laid them off, and I’ve experienced a paycut myself. Although I’m a full-time employee as well as full-time student (who pays for her own tuition in full because FAFSA has said that my Expected Family Contribution is nearly $30k – which is more than my annual salary), I just found out that I can expect absolutley no stimulus check in the mail because Congress decided adult dependent children – anyone 17 or older as of Dec. 31 -– are not eligible for a rebate. I know, “Waa-waa-waa for the adult (22yo) child that lives at home with mommy and daddy…” Well, in SoCal, it’s pretty hard to move out being a young adult going to school full-time; in order to afford housing in a safe area you need to work two or more jobs, or cram as many roommates as possible into one spot. The intended use of this money was to pay off debt accumulated while paying tuition, buying textbooks, and other school related expenses, and then once I had caught up with the bills to become a super-saver for long-term fiscal safety. My future kids and grandkids will be paying to fund this shenanigan, and I don’t even get a morsel of the pie. Thanks for the space to rant howispentmystimulus.com; ranting to the parents that desperately needed to claim me in the first place didn’t seem right.”

    Nita, 22, Receptionist by day / Student by night
    Orange County, CA

  • Beatings will continue until morale improves


    “Bought myself a new corset, vinyl fishtail skirt, and 6″ heels in case GW comes by for his spanking!”

    Baltimore, MD

  • Turned my Dollars into Euros

    “Vacation to Dublin/London”

    Jamie, 26, Advertising
    Chicago, IL

  • Blossoming into a lotus flower


    “Dear Uncle George, Thanks for the new tattoo! I was going to put the rest towards my student loans, but then I got laid off, so thanks extra, you douchebag. love *shannon”

    Shannon, 25, unemployed writer
    Baltimore, MD