• Circumcision

    “We had a baby. We splurged on giving or boy a circumcision. The healthcare facility/doctor felt $600 was a fair price for the 15 minute procedure. The remaining $600 went to doctor bills and decorating the nursery. Thanks!”

    k wm, 30, sales
    omaha, ne

  • Weekend getaway

    “my money went towards an amazing 3 day weekend in Newport, RI over memorial day!”

    Rachel, 27, advertising
    Jersey City, New Jersey

  • Roomba for Mom

    “Sure is nice to see my tax dollars bailing out people who refuse to live within their means, or speculating on houses or buying gigantic cars, then getting mad because the government didn’t send them a big enough stimulus check. And with obesity in the US, doesn’t look like anyone is starving. So, I bought my mom a Roomba for Mother’s Day, you know, with my debit card and money I actually own, and put the rest in certificates of deposit. “

    Oakland, ca

  • I’m just gonna try my luck

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    “I spent half of it on lottery tickets and spent the rest on buying an internet for my grandson to do better in school. I reckon I should get a lot from those lottery tickets since I usually just buy 5 each week and I have won a couple of times anyway.”

    Leonard LaGuardia, 58, Former Marine Cornel (retired)
    New York, NY

  • Yo ho, it’s a pirate’s life for me!

    “We’re getting married! The money came just in time to pay the balance of the wedding ceremony! (on a pirate ship)”

    Redneck Ophelia
    Sarasota, FL

  • Stimulus Check: The Love Letter

    “Dear Stimulus Check, I will miss you. I held you in my hands for a total of a day. That is, before the mean evil dentist sensed you sitting in my purse. She insisted I hand you over to her in the full amount. I intended to spend you on shoes and booze. Ah well. Love, Laurne”

    Lauren Bojangles, 26, Marketing Manager
    Los Angeles, CA

  • 99 bottles of beer on the wall

    “My father and I used our rebate check to purchase lots of beer on a multi-country European vacation”

    Sam, 21
    Boaz, AL

  • Down on luck

    “Well, I was laid off from my job about a week before the check arrived. While I am very grateful the check came when it did, I ended up paying the monthly bills until my unemployment kicked in. Oh well for paying off the credit card as planned…”

    Minneapolis, MN

  • Disappointed

    “I was hoping to spend the money on my 22 mo old twins and give some money to my 17yr old and my 19yr old…..but the IRS had different plans…I’ve been fighting with them since last year about my 2002 taxes I even went through the tax advocate and thought the issue had been settled (they claim I never filed) I got a letter in the mail Friday 6/27/08 stating they kept my stimulus check to pay for the taxes I owed for 2002(they actually owe me money from 2002) If the money is supposed to stimulate the ecomomy why would the IRS have 1st dibs in the first place?? “

    Connie, 37, LVN
    San Jose, Ca

  • I gave it right back to ’em…

    “Well, the only frivolous thing we bought with our check was this little dress-up out-fit for our daughter. The rest went to a sky-high speeding ticket and court costs. So the government got thier money back. You’re welcome…”

    Jennifer, 25, Manager of a video rental store
    Springdale, Arkansas