• Basic Necessities

    “My husband was laid off of work for six months recently. I was very glad to be getting some much needed extra money to catch up on bills, put food on the table for my son and us, etc. “

    Jennifer L, 32, HR admin/manufacturing/KCMO
    Independence, MO

  • Single mom

    “as a single mom with no child support being paid over 11 years, i like most spent my check on bills so we arn’t homeless or with out electric or food….. it helped but isn’t going to solve the rising problem.”

    erin hewlett, 29, SCR
    fairfield, ohio

  • Stimulus not enough


    “We recently moved across country so we could live in a cheaper area. NOT! All our stimulus check went to buy gas to get my husband to & from work, and groceries. With all the rising costs we still can’t afford anything. It’s costing us over $500 just to get my husband to work every month! And to think I thought that maybe I would pay down some debt and maybe by myself something fun. “

    Megan, 27, Domestic Engineer (AKA Stay at home mom)
    Anderson, Indiana

  • New hearing aids

    “I just got my check and it’s going straight to my wonderful, loving aunt who let me borrow some money for new hearing aids. I wear two hearing aids and one of them was held together with super glue so it was time for a new pair. But they lasted me 11 years so hopefully I won’t have to buy another pair for a very long time. Thanks, auntie! “

    Ellie, 32, chef
    Queens , ny

  • The Buzzer


    “I got a new haircut. its been a long time and money has been tight so I went for it.”

    snoop, 40, retired machinist
    walla walla, washington

  • Dwindling Debt

    “As soon as we receive our check, which should be here in the next few days, my husband and I are paying off our VERY LAST credit card!! Yay! We are still working on the mortgage, student loans, and truck payment, but hey, we ARE cutting down our debt!”

    Jessica, 25, American Taekwondo Association HQ
    Shannon Hills, AR

  • Less Car Payments

    “I used my money to get rid of my car that had high car payments and insurance and bought a car that will be paid off with cheaper insurance. Basically, trying to free up money in other areas because this little bit of money that we received still doesn’t touch the plight we have been under for the last 8 years!!!”

    Marc, 24
    Middletown, DE

  • NJ Land Of High Taxes

    “Well, we really wanted to use this money to take a short vacation, but we thought that the New Jersey’s government would use the money better. “

    Thomas, 45
    Winslow, NJ

  • Grandpa George’s sending Hubby to Kuwait

    “We got $600 from Grandpa George a few days after we learned that my husband is going to be deployed to Kuwait. Here’s the breakdown: $200 cash (Senior Chief says he’ll need it for baggage costs) $55 new athletic shoes for deployment $20 Pizza for our last night together for a long time The rest is going towards my student loans.”

    Michelle Cox, 19, Homemaker
    Gulfport, Mississippi

  • it was gone just as fast as it came

    “I don’t even know what I spent it on. I deposited the check in to my checking account, then it was gone! Es español: un poco de todo. I am pretty sure I stimulated the economy though.”

    gabrielle, 25, advertising
    denver, CO