• Economy+Gas=Shark!!!!

    “Well i used the money to fix my mini van,but then i didn’t have enough money to put gas in it!Economy+Gas=SHARK!!! Thanks G.W.”

    Quincy, 38, laid off for life
    small town in, texas

  • Small, gas-sipping car

    “We bought a smaller car (Scion xD) to help save money on gas. I can already tell the difference in our budget.”

    Jennifer, 36, Advertising
    Fayetteville, Arkansas

  • Monterey Bay Honeymoon

    “I’m finally getting married to my girlfriend of 10 years. For the honeymoon we’re driving up the Pacific Coast Highway and staying at a beach cottage in Monterey for a week. “

    J B, 37, Design/Flexo Plates
    Phoenix, AZ

  • Burning My Stimulus Check

    “I sacrificed my check to a gesture of political indignation. It made me feel better, is why.”

    Henning KO, 27, Freelance Animator
    Brooklyn, NY

  • Stationery For Me

    “My girlfriend and I spent it on our Stationery For Me business. We sell invitations for weddings, birthdays, holidays etc. We also have Luggage Tags, Round Stickers, and Address Labels. “

    Ana & Kim, 29, Entrepreneur
    San Diego, CA

  • I bought a root canal, LOL

    “My stimulus check helped me to pay for getting a root canal to to repair and save one of my molar tooth that was badly decayed and infected. I am happy because I need that tooth to eat good!!! “

    Melissa, 24, Pet Care Specialist at PetSmart PetHotel
    Houston, Texas

  • Post 1625

    “I got laid off over two months ago and I’m using this money to pay my electric bill and COBRA payment. I live in Phoenix. It’s ridiculously hot here.”

    Shara, 35, Unemployed Market Analyst
    Phoenix, AZ

  • Fighting fire with fire…

    “We bought an A/C unit to help combat global warming- or are we adding to it?? At least our apartment is cooler and we bought it from Sears. “

    Portland, OR

  • To my health!

    “I finally had my wisdom teeth out(all four). Been putting it off hoping to get insurance first, but then theres a waiting period after that… We had enough income to qualify but not enough to get the full amount & we only got $600, it covered just under half of the expenses. “

    Katrina, 23, Graphic Designer
    South Bend, Indiana

  • Government has Something Wrong!

    “$1,300 of my $1,500 check went to my husband’s illegitimate child who doesn’t even carry his last name! The remaining $200 helped buy much needed clothing for my three children and some prescription medications. Still leaves on living on Food Stamps and searching for jobs to help fuel our one car. GET THIS: A Stimulus check came to this house addressed to the person in the picture, who happens to be here illegally from Mexico. There are also people actually living in Mexico who with the help of a P.O. Box in Texas, receive Social Security Checks and have never worked a day in their lives in the United States. How does that happen?”

    El Paso, TX