• Music, grub, babies, and beards

    “First I bought an iPod Nano to listen to while I am in labor in about 5 weeks. Then I spent some of the money on a ridiculous cereal shopping spree. A bit more went to some last needed baby items. And finally, about half of it is in savings for our trip to Anchorage, Alaska next summer for the World Beard and Moustache Championships. Thanks to Bush I can listen, eat, labor, and fondle beards in comfort!”

    Jasmine Williamson, 23, college student
    Cincinnati, OH

  • Post 131

    “I spent it on my retirement. I suggest you do the same.”

    Wooderson, 36
    Fort Worth, TX

  • US loan from China going to Europe

    “I changed mine into 772.32 Euros and opened a Euro bank account. Every time the dollar falls by $0.01 I’ll make a few bucks.”

    Fred Foley, 30
    Melbourne, FL

  • Bought real money

    “Bought real money with the stimulus check so I can buy food after the Federal Reserve is finished wrecking the economy yet again.”

    John, 39, Information Technology
    Newark, NJ

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger needs your help!

    “Yeah sure he does! I live in California and bought a house 3 years ago… so, I gave it all back to the State for my property taxes (well 1/5 of of the bill, anyway)!! Bastards!!!!”

    Jon, 40
    Sebastopol, CA

  • Post 190

    “Paying off my credit card debt. Only a $10K to go, thanks Georgey! “

    Brenda Rey, 30, dispatch
    Colorado Springs, CO

  • Bush’s Ballyhoo

    “I purchased the completely unnecessary ‘Pancake Puffs’. I saw the add on TV one night and new that I could not even justify the $20 purchase. Then came GWB’s stimulus check! I used the rest to pay off a credit card, like a responsible American. “

    Melissa Smith, 27, Artist
    Orlando, Florida

  • No Debt, No Giardia


    “Most of my 600 clams went to paying off the remainder of my credit card debt (feels good to be debt-free), and the rest went to treating a sudden and particularly messy case of giardia contracted by our puppy, Olive. “

    austin, tx

  • Poor PeeWee

    “A few weeks ago, our new puppy PeeWee jumped off our bed and broke his paw on the side of the dresser. Poor thing, only 8 weeks old! They made him a little cast at the vet, and I’m happy to say he is recovering just fine. We’re glad to have a little extra money to apply toward this unexpected event. “

    Cheryl and Andrew
    Columbus, OH

  • I Love Home Depot

    “We are expanding the back of our house about 10 ft and raising the ceiling in the family room. These are our new back doors. All of our stimulus money is going into our house. We have been wanting to renovate for two years since we moved in. We would have done it anyway, but the money helps. Maybe it’ll allow us to pay off some extra debt as well. “

    Tony, Sales
    Tucson, AZ