• We finally have a dishwasher!

    “We remodeled our 1957 vintage, nasty kitchen. The money is going to pay off the debt we charged up to do so. The new kitchen is all stainless steel and cherry. “

    Tim, 30, Application Developer
    Arvada, CO

  • Potentially Lethal Stimulation!

    “I’ve had my heart set on a Glock 23 for a while now. The gun shoots well for me, and I love to spend time target shooting! Despite my crazed look in the picture, I promise I’m a responsible, harmless, gun owner. Go-Go-Gadget second amendment! “

    Nicholas Poma, 28, IT Management
    Lansing, MI


    “I bought 41 copies of ‘The Revolution: A Manifesto’ by Ron Paul. We need a man with sound monetary policies in office to prevent things such as this “stimulus check” from happening again; stimulate my ass!”

    Tom, 26, IT
    Minneapolis, MN

  • My Piggy Bank

    “I kept my stimulus check right there in my savings account because I know I’m paying it back with interest in future tax returns.”

    Washington, DC

  • I Gambled with Bush’s Gamble. I win.

    “I put mine on Eight Belles to Show.”

    Brandon, 25, Accounting
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Thanks for making it easy, guys.

    “I short-sold more stock of the companies that brought us the housing and credit crises.”

    Jeff, 28, Scientist
    Seattle, Washington

  • Lots of toys

    “I bought this new bed and a bunch of squeaky toys.”

    Wheatie, 3, Lap dog
    Sherman Oaks, Ca

  • >^..^< Meow!

    “Bought a new love in my life, Buddie rules!!”

    Alex, 27, Sys Admin / Government
    Reston, VA

  • Baseball players aren’t free!

    “I bought more toolsy outfielders and minor league pitchers for my Fantasy Baseball team!”

    Ballpark Guy, 32
    Washington, DC

  • Post 104

    “Two climbing ropes, a red metolious, and about 2 months of dirt bag climbing.”

    Alex Mach, 25
    Barstow, CA