• Goodbye gasoline!

    “A road bike frame.”

    M, 28, Info Analyst
    Lansing, MI

  • Takle a break and enjoy

    “Bush allowed me to bring some fun to my busy schedule.”

    Mark, 20, Hilton HQ
    Memphis, TN

  • Come on No Eviction!

    “Expensive private university = no money. So I sank the entirety of my check into my rent! My mom thanks you, Economic Stimulant.”

    Eric, 22, Student
    Decatur, GA

  • HD Hell


    “We purchased an HDTV and DVD player as ours were outdated. We planned the purchase for the rebate check as most everything else is payed down/off and it is something that can be appreciated by the whole family.”

    Barb, 39, disabled/at home
    Charleston, SC

  • Vamos a la playa.

    “Paid off the credit card purchase of a families worth of plane tickets to Panama, to visit my Dad and spend some time speaking spanish and napping on the beach.”

    Portland, Oregon

  • A Foreign Fence

    “I needed a nice fence around my house. So, I hired some Mexicans to do the job. Now I have a new fence and $400 left of my stimulus check.”

    Matt G, 25
    Houma, LA

  • Stimulus, my a$$. More like, pay off stuff owed.

    “I paid off the plumber who re-did the radiators in this room extension. Every extra penny I get is going into finishing this project, just in time for my son to move out! Ungrateful child!”

    kim, 51, Research analyst, UCHC
    meriden, ct

  • Mulch, Mulch and More Mulch

    “I bought 25 yards of mulch which included a back ache. Fun, Fun, Fun!”

    Doug, 40, Investments
    Peninsula, OH

  • I shuddered at the cost of shutters!

    “Having no debt, I purchased something my wife wanted in our bedroom sitting area – white shutters. I couldn’t believe it but three of them ate up all of the check and cost me a few hundred. Hope this sufficiently stimulates the economy. Of course this whole idea violates the basic economic theory of the broken window… worth googling “Parable of the broken window” if you’re interested… “

    Jim O’Hara
    Baltimore, Maryland

  • Movin’ On Up!

    “Gonna be moving to a bigger house in the near future, so the check goes into savings until it can be spent on all those fun moving expenses.”

    Mike, 31, Sys. Admin
    Atlanta, GA