• MEAT

    “Summer’s always more fun with a BBQ.”

    Robert Kendall, 27
    Portland, OR

  • Playoffs + Beer

    “I don’t have a TV in my apartment, so I’ve been going to my neighborhood bar to watch NBA playoffs games. I’m not as wasted as I look in this photo. Really…I’m not…”

    Craig Charland, 27, Production assistant
    Brooklyn, NY

  • Charles Farr and Rick are doing their part

    “Using our stimulus check on a cruise to wild Alaska.”

    Charles and Rick Farr
    Madison, WI

  • God Bless George Bush

    “May God bless George Bush because I’m not God and I can’t. I did my part as an American and bought an iPod touch and a bunch of stuff for it.”

    Ernest Zacher, 27, Student
    Portland, OR

  • I bought pleos for my brother and I

    “i bought a pleo because i missed my dog linus. and what better than a rubber, robotic, plastic leaf-eating dinosaur that periodically has narcolepsy to fill that need? that small boost to my personal happiness probably triggered many other spending sprees over the last few months, which surely has boosted our economy. i just wish i could ride it to work because the gas prices keep going up. oh well. maybe i should’ve bought a razor scooter?”

    san francisco, ca

  • No More Cavities

    “I’ve wanted a Sonicare for awhile now. I guess the extra money made me feel a better about spending $100 on a toothbrush. I’ve only had it for a day, but I love it.”

    Ben Goldberg, Waiter
    San Diego, CA

  • Running Music

    “I bought this shuffle for jogging. I used to have to hold a full-sized iPod. It was heavy and I dropped it a few times. “

    Jacksonville, NC

  • To The Keyboard

    “My friends and I started a band last November and had our first gig in February. We’re starting to get more and more gigs, so I thought I’d upgrade my instrument. “

    Jimmy, 23, Student/Temp
    San Fran, CA

  • Wide Angle Photos

    “I bought a new Canon 870. $300 with tax and case. It has a wide angle lenses. Amazing. “

    New York, NY

  • Payments On My Macbook

    “The stimulus check is helping me pay off a new Macbook. It’s rad. “

    Mike Whiting, 22
    Seattle, WA