• Damn you bills!

    “I’m totally lame. I’ll probably just put this toward the mortgage, utility bills, car insurance, etc. I’m fine with that. I’ll sleep a little easier at night. “

    Phoenix, AZ

  • Sitting Pretty

    “We bought this new couch for our apartment. The old one wasn’t doing too well. This one is suede. Suede! “

    Ann Arbor, MI

  • Un-Supercuts

    “My stimulus money is just mixing into my checking account. I don’t plan on buying anything extraordinary. So I guess this haircut was on the government. Even though it’s actually my own money that they gave back to me. “

    Jacob, Piano Teacher
    Bloomington, IN

  • Aural Stimulus package

    “I put my check into my savings account right away thinking I’d be smart with it. Then, today, put it back in checking and spent most of it. I have never even seen one of these things in person but they look awesome.”

    Richard Bird, 31, Advertising
    Portland, Or

  • Sight For Sore Eyes

    “I went to the eye doctor yesterday. I spent over $200 on the exam, and new glasses. But I had to do it. “

    Ilona, 28, Musician
    Queens, NY

  • Likey Leica

    “My old Canon jammed up, so I went out and spent a little too much money on this Leica. “

    Portland, OR

  • A Pill A Day…

    “Prescription drugs aren’t getting any cheaper. Thanks, stimulus. “

    Bill and Jackie Nopar, 83, Retired
    Phoenix, AZ

  • Season tickets!

    “I bought great season tickets to the Nationals!”

    Jim, 27, Consultant
    Washington, DC

  • Wedding Bells

    “Wedding season is not cheap. I’m heading to Chicago for a friend’s wedding. Should be a real feast. Thanks, Mr. Government.”

    Portland, OR

  • Meower Power

    “Say hello to my new kitten, Squirrel. I rescued him from a clinic, but then spent $100 on shots and vaccinations. Then I went to Petco and bought food, litter, litter box, and a cat nip toy! “

    Sue, 34, Marketing sales
    Austin, TX