1. How does this website work?

We’re collecting stories relating to people spend their stimulus money. This is a collaborative project, meaning all of the content on this site comes from you. It’s easy to contribute. Just click the “Tell Your Story” button above and fill out our simple form.

2. What should I photograph?

Your photo should include two elements:

1) What you spent your stimulus money on. Photograph your new purchase, or hold up a receipt. You can also photograph something representative of a future or larger purchase. Be creative. Have fun with it.

2) You. Try to put yourself it in. Your post becomes much more interesting when we can see who you are. Otherwise, this site is just a photographic collection of sterile consumer products.

3. What if I’m just saving the money or paying off debt?

How responsible of you. Great, we still want you to post an entry. We’re not after impressive purchases, we just want to capture your story. Maybe you went nuts collecting cat figurines on Ebay and put yourself into debt. Or maybe you’re just fixing up the house. Snap a photo with your favorite tabby, or your husband trying to fix the plumbing.

4. Can I make a video?

Yes. First, upload it to our YouTube group then copy and paste the URL into the appropriate field on the “Tell Your Story” page.

5. What should I write in the description?

Be as descriptive as possible in your description. Don’t just explain what you bought what you did, explain why as well. Give us details about your life.

6. Why hasn’t my blog entry been published?

Give it time. We’re receiving a lot of entries, and it can sometimes take up to a few hours to go live. Also, we reserve the right to not publish any blog entry that we deem offensive, unclear, or off topic.

7. How will I know when my entry is published?

We will send you an email with a link to your entry, so be sure you type in your email address correctly.

8. Can I change my entry?

Yes. Send an email to [email protected] with detailed instructions.

9. What will any of my personal information be shared?

Of course not.

10. What is your policy on comments?

We reserve the right to remove comments that are abusive, off-topic, contain slurs, excessive foul language, or solicitations. Please keep it civil.

11. How can I get in touch with the site creators?

Email [email protected].

12. Who will receive a stimulus check?

Just about anyone who earned a paycheck last year will receive at least $300; many will receive $600, or $1,200 per couple. Those with children who qualify as dependents will get an additional $300 per child. To calculate your exact rebate, go to the IRS Economic Stimulus Payment Calculator.

13. When is the money sent out?

Payments for those receiving the rebate through direct deposit will start on April 28 and end by May 16th. Payments that will be received by check will begin May 16th and end by July 11th. Check out the IRS Payment Schedule.