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May 11, 2008 0 Comments

“We received our $1,800.00 stimulus check and deposited it in savings. This money will be put in our sons’ college accounts. I’ll take this check, but must question the wisdom of this governmental action as it faces record deficits. If reasonable, hard working people still can’t make ends meet, maybe this check can help out …

My stimulus check must have bounced

May 9, 2008 0 Comments

“I couldn’t buy anything. The government decided that a 21 year-old working college student, who will graduate with over $20,000 in “subsidized” debt raking in an interest rate of nearly 5% over the fed rate, doesn’t deserve any money because I “can” be claimed as a dependent. Thank you, United States, for continuing to screw …

Popping bottles to pay the bills

May 9, 2008 0 Comments

“I have like 4 jobs and have been trying to bartend so i can at least only have 2 that can make ends meet. I used my stimulus check to pay some bills and supplements my income for 2 weeks while i took the bartending class. I put that on my credit card so i …

For a BA degree that is not helping right now!

May 8, 2008 0 Comments

“I paid down one of my student loans. I am almost done with that one, and only have one loan left. I graduated from a very expensive private college with a now, useless degree in education. THERE ARE NO TEACHING JOBS HERE!!! “ Maura, 26Minneapolis, MN