50-50 split, dental and donations

May 25, 2008 0 Comments

“$100 to the Sierra Club $100 to the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA.org) $100 to the Central Asia Institue (ikat.org) And then I had to have an emergency root canal that is going to cost me over $600 (after insurance!). Oh well. “ John K, 41Medford, Oregon

Sent overseas through Kiva.org

May 24, 2008 0 Comments

“Since our own government can’t seem to help Americans figure out how to invest properly in the future, I figured I’d send my stimulus off to folks who are trying to invest in something real. I did feel a twinge of guilt about sending the money overseas. But that passed quickly. “ Mike, DesignerSeattle, WA

Gave it away to someone in need…

May 21, 2008 0 Comments

“A co-worker whos’s a single mom got her car repossessed during work yesterday. Today I gave her $500 to help her get it back. I was going to use it to pay off the Las Vegas trip I just took, but my boyfriend won some money and took care of most of the cost. It …

Making stimulus easier for an unknown woman. And me.

May 19, 2008 0 Comments

“I gave $300 to the Campaign to End Fistula (run by UNFPA). Then I bought myself some lingerie from La Petite Coquette.” sally, 25, studentNYC, NY

I spent it on my mommy!

May 15, 2008 0 Comments

“After paying $250.00 to Bank of America CC bill, I spent the weekend with my mother in Philly. We went on a food tour of the Reading Terminal Market, tasted great wines at a wine tasting, and took my mother to a 5 course dinner on a great boat called Moshalu! Dinner took a lot …

Fun with Photos! Saving the Humane Society one pic at a time…

May 13, 2008 0 Comments

“I bought a 70-300 AFS/VR zoom lens for my Nikon D-50. Well, part of it at least. I plan on using it to make our local Harford County Humane Society more real- we’re under major overhauls and no one wants to give us money! Plus, with the photos I sell, the money will be donated …

Post 384

May 12, 2008 0 Comments

“The tax rebate is bad policy: this should be going toward rebuilding our infrastructure or helping the poor. So we sent our rebate to a food bank, where it should have gone in the first place! It’s not like we couldn’t have used the money, and of course the car went into the shop this …

Government funding for the arts

May 11, 2008 0 Comments

“I’m donating a portion of this unexpected income to my two favorite non-profits: PlayWrite, Inc. (www.playwriteinc.org) and Write Around Portland (www.writearound.org) The rest is going into my pay-the-rent fund.” Marianna, 24, currently unemployedPortland, OR

I need a new President!

May 9, 2008 0 Comments

“Even though I consider this stimulus package foolish and, most likely, ineffective, I have to admit that visions of a new flat screen TV began dancing in my head. Fortunately I came to my senses and realized I don’t need a new TV, I need a new President! I will be giving a decent portion …

Fair Play

May 8, 2008 0 Comments

“I donated every penny of it to Democratic candidates for Congress and the White House. If we had some responsible government we wouldn’t need these phony stimulus packages.” Tom, Advertising/Marketing ExecutiveAlbuquerque, NM