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My Surgery…….

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“My husband and I used it on a Hysterectemy for me I have been needing one for about 10 years becuase of existing enodemtriosis and LOA, we have 3 kids, we can’t afford anymore! I appreciate it Bush, but I still don’t like you!!” Brandi, 27, Chapman HomemakerOklahoma City, Oklahoma

Happy Smoke

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“Picked up this sick bong and an ounce of top-grade herbs. This next rip is for you America.” JackPalo Alto, California

I spent mine on medical bills.

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“I spend mine on a hysterecomy for fibroids,and surgery to remove an ovarian cancer tumor the size of a grapefruit. Then 4 months of chemo. Yeah, it was loads of fun, NOT !! “ Ann, 51, retailDallas, Texas

Just Another Broke and Uninsured American

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“After having emergency surgery to remove a baseball sized brain tumor that put me on the edge of death, I spent my stimulus check on medical bills due to the unfortunate fact that I am one of the many uninsured Americans in this country. While it was nice to recieve the money and have it …

A new crown and I don’t mean for my head!

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“Well at first I was gonna put it in the bank to keep saving for a house. But then I went to the dentist and now I need to replace an old gold cap on one of my molars with a new porcelain one. 🙁 So thanks President Bush for supplementing my dental coverage. Maybe …

Medical bills for our healthy son

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“We paid back to savings some of the money that went to pay for the birth of our son. Even with really good insurance his birth cost us a large chunk of cash – a shock since our daughter was born in Holland and we did not pay a single cent for anything.” Laura, 31, …

Surgery and greens

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“We used the money to pay for my knee surgery, the 10% insurance didn’t cover. Gotta love HMO. Oh yeah and an ounce of hydroponics to help in the healing. “ Stanley Ford, 35, Senior Software EngineerHouston, TX

Can’t eat without teeth…

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“Mine was spent paying down the Care Credit account, as I needed lots of dental work. Hubby’s went to credit cards.” Brandy, 43, disabledGranada Hills, CA


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“I spent my check on dental surgery for my daughter. The X-Rays revealed she her mouth is too small for her wisdom teeth. The check came just in time to pay the copay. THX BUSH now fix the health care crisis so next time I can stimulate the economy” Alex G, 38, Non ProfitHouston, TX