To be stimulated or not to be stimulated – that is the ?

July 21, 2008 0 Comments

“We didn’t buy anything – – yet 😉 Just put it in our little old measley savings account to earn – -.000% – HA! I work in the software industry and my husband works in the banking industry. My company has laid off over 400 employees this year; my husband’s company is actually fairing quite …

Apparently I don’t exist right now. Check back later…

July 19, 2008 0 Comments

“I was really excited about receiving a stimulus check. I actually make enough money to qualify and I really needed to put some money away. I figured that the fact I live at home would hurt me, but when my parents filed taxes, the government said they could not claim me. Strange, since I’m a …

Starting a nest egg

July 14, 2008 0 Comments

“I originally wanted to spend the stimulus on a laptop computer, but with the economy in the state that it’s in, I decided it would be more prudent to deposit it in my savings account. I want to build up a nest egg in case things get worse. I know, I know, I’m not stimulating …

Saving for a rainy day

July 3, 2008 0 Comments

“I put my money in savings. I’m in grad school and every little bit helps! Besides which, our country’s problem isn’t that there’s too little spending, it’s that there is not enough saving. Be the change you want to see in the world!” Tina, 25Santa Barbara, CA

My stim check went to…

July 3, 2008 0 Comments

“No, I didn’t buy this bike. I put the money into my savings account, because it’s not a gift from the government… it’s an advance on next years taxes. So I’m going to save this money to compensate me for the lack of return I get next year. “ Dino, 36, Law firmTampa, FL

A Long Overdue Replacement Window

July 2, 2008 0 Comments

“My family bought a new picture window for our New England home. The double-pane, argon filled window should help cut our heating oil costs significantly this winter (and hopefully earn us a tax credit). The rest of the cash will get put away for heating oil this winter.” Victor, 32, Engineering/Defense/DRSFitchburg, Massachusetts

Happy First Birthday, Kairi!

June 30, 2008 0 Comments

“My husband and I spent ours on bills, an investment and our daughter, Kairi. It was for her First Birthday!!” Manon Barwick, 23, Graphic ArtistSumter, South Carolina

Our Stimulus

June 30, 2008 0 Comments

“With the union being slow and not working right now I will be spending mine on needed items like $4.00 a gallon gas. My daughters will go in her savings and hopefully gain some interest.” Brad, 30, PainterWest Allis, WI

Stimulus my arse!

June 30, 2008 0 Comments

“Most of it to gas/food, some for vacation, most in savings!” David, 26Greensboro, NC

Get some real money

June 28, 2008 0 Comments

“I put all $600 of my stimulas towards the purchase of one troy ounce of gold in the form of a 1967 krugerrand, since I know the dollar certainly isn’t gonna get any stronger while the government is tossing money out to people like a hot potato.” Brian, 29, EngineerRedondo Beach, CA