The Sacred Heart of Jim Morrison

July 19, 2008 0 Comments

“The hubby and I fell hard for this the moment we saw him. We bought him from the artist, William Stidham, at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, TN. It’s from William’s Sacred Heart Collection. We just got him mounted last night, and had no idea how well the Lizard King would fit our …

Vacuum tube headphone amp

July 14, 2008 0 Comments

“I squandered my check on a headphone amplifier from Woo Audio. It has vacuum tubes! It’s made in America, so I can feel patriotic when I use it to listen to my Swedish-made CD of pop songs from Thailand through my German-made headphones.” Doug, 53Omaha, NE

The Stars Aligned

July 1, 2008 0 Comments

“I bought a pair of turntables! It’s something I’ve always wanted but could never justify spending the money on, but the stars really aligned for this purchase. I found out a friend of a friend was selling his and I got them for only $250! I spent the other $50 on various nefarious activities.” Lindsey, …


June 26, 2008 0 Comments

“We started dibs magazine. My girl and I have always wanted to do something creative on the side of our boring corporate day jobs. “ Jay , 27, dibs magazineSan Diego, CA

Hip-hop is My Stimulus Package

June 24, 2008 0 Comments

“I put my $600 to releasing a music album. Here are some sample lyrics from it: “they’re paying off the taxpayer hive acceptin Chinese financed rebate bribes buyin Chinese TVs to put in their lives national debt, we’re just getting behind lowest in savings, people still slaving all time productive to give to their cravings …

No Day But Today

June 21, 2008 0 Comments

“I used my stimulus check to subscribe to the 2008-2009 theater season in the San Francisco Bay Area.” antonijan, 25, studentsan francisco, ca

I did not Kill the Crocodile Hunter

June 3, 2008 0 Comments

“I did my part as an American citizen and stimulated the U.S. economy as best I could. My $600 went towards the purchase of an Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray bass guitar. It looks great and sounds terrific! Now, if we can just get Economic Stimulus Package v2.0 going soon. I need a new amp…” …


May 9, 2008 0 Comments

“Paid some of my CC down that paid for this movie I filmed.. now let’s all hope it brings home the bacon!” Jesse SwansonJuneau, ALASKA

Aural Stimulus package

May 5, 2008 0 Comments

“I put my check into my savings account right away thinking I’d be smart with it. Then, today, put it back in checking and spent most of it. I have never even seen one of these things in person but they look awesome.” Richard Bird, 31, AdvertisingPortland, Or