Bought some necessities…it was NICE!

June 9, 2008 0 Comments

“My husband, myself, and our 3 kiddos moved into our new house last April after basically being homeless for a little over a year due to my husband being laid off. We love our new house that was totally a gift from God…how many people are able to buy a house a month after getting into a new job that only pays 28k a year for a family of 5 and in a good neighborhood. Anyways, we bought a new front door for better insulation against the weather and it’s pretty:) And also put on a new roof over the office…no more leaking! Gave my mom some to ease her debt and that was about it. It was great to get some things done and we felt extremely blessed for the money we did nothing to get. “

Tia, 27, Stay at home mom/homeschooler husband is a rookie (working his way up) web developer
Springfield, Illinois

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