The Price of Tuition and Books

June 12, 2008 0 Comments

“Well, my husband and i split our $1200 dollars. My $600.00 went to my daughter’s college summer school. My husband spent his. It seems that books for college students keep getting more and more outrageous in price. We want our kids to be educated but the price of books! Everyone is looking to make a buck and they hit the ones trying to improve their education!!! I just don’t understand, this is such a deterrent for most because not everyone can afford $600-??? for just books and tuition. Are our kids being punished for wanting to improve themselves??? Bottom line, our country is so wasteful in knocking down buildings because there out dated-who cares! Give the money to our kids that want to learn and be educated and maybe be our leaders for the future!!! “

DiAnne Medellin, 47, Sales Administrator-Dubois & Associates
San Antonio, TX

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