June 13, 2008 0 Comments

“I’m amazed at the money most people are receiving!! I, however, with 4 people under my roof, 3 are under 20 years of age and depend upon my income to support them, you know, mortgage, 90% of the food, utilities etc.,received only $630.00! The reason was that only one of the children qualified, and because I had earned so-o-o-o much money blast year I was penalized!!! It does not take into consideration that I worked 1 1/2 jobs to keep everyone afloat!! So I received the same as my single friend, who has no children and has her living expenses paid for by the Travelers Nurses organization she works for. That amounts to 2,200.00/month of rent!!! Tax free!!! Good for her, I do not begrudge her any of that, but don’t you think the government could have taken into account the fact that I HAVE to work this much to support my family, and instead of penalizing me HELP me?!!”

Darshel Ontkean, R.N.
Murrieta, Ca.

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