In a hairy pickle…

July 2, 2008 0 Comments

“2 weeks after my much-needed sinus surgery in May my 2 year old son, whose nickname is Pickle, was scheduled for surgery to remove a rapidly growing mole (aka a hairy nevus) on his bottom for fear it was cancerous. It was only about 2 inches big, but due to the change in pigmentation, rapid growth and other factors, it was recommended that we have it removed as soon as possible. The placement of it on his bottom required a large incision (about 4 inches long) and general anesthesia. It has healed well, but his scar is large and painful. So are the medical bills. After insurance we’ll still be paying over $2K out of pocket for these medical expenses. Even though the anticipation of hearing the biopsy results for the mole was anxiety inducing, we are relieved that the results have come back negative for cancerous and precancerous cells… the silver lining to spending our stimulus money on these medical bills.”

Tina H., 22, Stay at home mother and full time student
Taylorsville, Utah

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