July 19, 2008 0 Comments

“Well, I tought I would be  able to buy something with my stimulus check but the only thing I bought was a moving van and boxes and a storage room.  Now that the economy has almost crashed, me ,y husband and my two children can’t afford to live own our own so we have to move in with my dad.  We though we would pay off some bills and get back on our feet but it will be awhile beofre we can do that.  Since we do not own a house we have nothing to borrow against.  Believe me this is not what I want!  I just hope and pray that something will happen and we will get a break.  It seems only the people that have a it of money gets a good break and the ones that are middle class get pushed over into the hole to be buried!”

Ashley, 25, Stay at home mom
toney, AL

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