I Got Nothin’.. Absolutely NOTHING

July 21, 2008 0 Comments

“Thanks to our wonderful President and Government, I was NOT eligible for the money! I’ve worked hard all my life, but on July 1, 2006 I had a stroke and can no longer work. So, while I wait the 2-3 YEARS for my Social Security Disability appeal to come thru, I have to sit on Social Services (aka WELFARE). Wanna know how much I get? $155 food stamps, $230 cash (doesn’t even cover 1/2 the mortgage pay’t), and they pay the gas and electric bills. And, of course, when (hopefully) I DO finally get the SSD benefits, this all gets paid back, but I still get SCREWED by our Gov’t out of the incentive $. I haven’t had a new pair of underwear in over 2 years! Frankly, its getting to the point of All my clothes won’t be wearable soon… maybe when I show up at the Welare Office naked someone MIGHT just try helping me more!!”

Karen Delphard, 50, I used to be a legal assistant til I had a stroke, now I’m disabled
Buffalo, NY

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