Gnarly, the best $600 I ever spent

July 22, 2008 0 Comments

“I bought the cutest puppy ever. I’d been wanting a dog for a really long time and I was going to wait until 2009, but the extra money in my pocket let me get him this year. I saw this little guy and had to have him – say hello to Gnarly. I know it seems kind of selfish and not really stimulating the economy, but you’re forgetting about the extra $200 a month I spend on: – Dog food so he can eat – Treats so I can tell him when he’s being good – Toys so he doesn’t eat my socks – Potty pads to save my floors – Training classes so he can be well-behaved – Car washes because he slobbers on the windows – Bitter apple spray so he doesn’t eat my furniture – Leashes because he chews through them so fast and last but not least… – Printed pictures of him so I can show off my mutt Gnarly was a great addition to our family and I don’t regret one bit using that money in a selfish way, b/c my seemingly selfish decision, actually really is stimulating the economy, whether I meant it to or not ;-)”

Kolleen, 28, Marketing
Chicago, IL

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