Accessories for Viola

May 14, 2008 0 Comments

“Well, technically I haven’t gotten my stimulus check yet…because I just moved. Someday I’ll actually find them. I’m pretty sure IRS owes me (I only made $16K last year, I claim 0, I’m a student, and I own a house on which I pay LOTS of interest) so I’m not worried. When I do get the check, however, I will be buying LOJACK for my bike. Or a throttle-assist mechanism for those long cruises on the interstate (@ 50+ miles to the gallon! W00T!). Or maybe both (though just the LOJACK is WAY over $600). Either way, Viola (my bike’s name) needs some accessories to protect her, and my throttle hand, from damage.”

marz, 31, Network Technician/Technical Writer / in school for Chinese Medicine
Tampa, FL

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