Spending money to make money…

May 25, 2008 0 Comments

“I intend to spend our money by going to college to get my Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) certificate. I just recently had a baby 5 weeks ago and with the rate of unemployment rising, and the desperate need for CNA’s I felt it perfect time to go back to school. It’s not everyday you have the chance to spend money, to eventually in the long run make more money. My husband and I are very set in our decision, even though we need things (i.e. a new van would be nice); we have chosen to spend it to help me further my education. People could spend it on possessions, but we choose to spend it on something that can never be taken away.

Then we will spend what ever is left on things we need for the trip up to see our family in Pennsylvania. They usually throw a family reunion yearly, and we would love for them to see our new addition to the family; our baby boy.”

Sarah Aller, 24, Housewife/ cleaner/ cook/ laundry washer, dryer, folder/ mommy
Wake Forest, North Carolina

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