Poor Puppy

May 28, 2008 0 Comments

“Got my stimulus check last week. Yup. And, it is all gone. Where did it go??? Hmm. To this here best friend of mine.

All within a matter of 3 weeks…..
$225 Annual Physical Exam
$140 Kenneling for one weekend with grooming
$650 Teeth Cleaning
$ 30 Canned Food due to tooth extraction for 7 days
$ 90 Sick Puppy – Gastro-enteritis due to canned food
$ 30 Prescription dog food to fix gastroenteritis

Cleaning all the mess off the floor for three days due to change in dog food? Utterly disgusting. Lack of sleep due to midnight runs to the potty? Exhausting. Dr. West? Off to Rio I am sure. Poor old man. “

Paula Burgoon, 35, Photographer
Norfolk, VA

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