Water Therapy

May 30, 2008 0 Comments

“Since my husband is retired and a 100% disabled veteran he only got $300.00! Since he doesn’t pay taxes any more…(is there something wrong with this picture?) I didn’t make enough from SS to pay taxes either so I only got $300.00 (hmmm children who never worked got that much!) but I don’t want to seem ‘ungrateful’ because we indeed appreciated the money and did our part to stimulate the economy!

We bought a ‘whole house water filter.’ It will save us money eventually on buying those expensive refrig. filters! We also plan to spend the balance on a pool cleaner a real luxury for us, as my husbands service connected injuries include a really bad back, so this will eliminate having to spend at least an hour each day pushing that pole around the pool..now he can actually get in it and exercise! (uh, me too )”

Karen Mulhollem
Ocala, FL

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