It was a pleasant extra for us

June 1, 2008 0 Comments

“We went to Cape Cod for a weekend. We drove, ate at great restaurants and shopped. Just in case you are curious why we did this, it is because we live within our “means” We have no credit card debt, our car was recently paid off, we do not owe a mortgage. Do we make a lot of money, NO! We live in a very expensive area, Hartsdale NY, and make a combined income of about $85,000 (not a lot for this area) We have always waited until we had the money to spend the money. That is the key. We received $1,200 total in tax refund, but we didn’t spend all of it on this little trip. Some went into savings, some towards our longer vacation scheduled for early July. “

Mary, 54, insurance & education
Hartsdale, New York

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