We Stimulated Foreign Oil Markets.

June 2, 2008 0 Comments

“My wife usually takes care of paying the bills. But she gave birth to our second child a few weeks ago and hadn’t been keeping track of ALL the bills like usual. We’d planned on using our $1500.00 stimulus check to pay off a small chunk of the maternity expense that our lousy insurance doesn’t pay for. So I get a phone call from Phillips 66, and the lady says we’re two months behind on our Gas-Card bill. “Would you like to pay using a check-by-phone to avoid late charges?”, she asked. “Sure. Why not. How much do we owe?” “The total for the last three months is $1142.46” So we spent most of our stimulus check on foreign oil. Good way to stimulate our economy. Well, who knows? Maybe a Saudi prince will use part of that money to buy a Harley. “

Drew, 28, Web Design
North Little Rock, Arkansas

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