No Stimulus For Us

June 3, 2008 0 Comments

” I was going to spend my check on a lift for my van to carry my power chair so I could finally be independent, or a special mattress for my spinal stenosis, or to pay off $800.00 of car repair then I woke up and realized I probably wouldnt even recieve it. We have not recieved any refund checks, child credits ect, since 1981, my husband owes about $7,000.00 in back child support for our 2 children aged 32 and 34, He started owing that much in1981 and we still owe the same! The interest is killing us!! We also owe Taxes when I.R.S. does an audit and makes their own changes and disregards what you say youll owe the state forever! After 10 years thank God one will be forgiven.P.S theyll garnish your wages collect all refunds and I’m possitive this stimulus check that should belong to our children will be taken to. I would have preferred help in finding out where thousands of dollars of our refunds went. The Child Support agency shows little money yet thousands are missing. If by a miracle it does come I have a wonderful gentleman that is tryng to help us and he needs to get paid! I know this site is for what you spent it on, But I want to shed some light on what is really happening to so many people food,gas, bills, are so desperatly needed but for those of us who battle with these issues daily, thats where it will go.”

jennie, 51, dissabled
camarillo, cA

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