This is what we did with $774

June 2, 2008 0 Comments

“Even though I work as a tax preparer during the season, my husband and I were both skeptical of this whole “free money” idea. we did not make plans for the money before we had it, but waited and to see what we would like to have had when we did. we both were paid from our jobs the same week so we had quite a surplus of extra money. (for our standards anyhow) we ended up purchasing a 19″ lcd computer monitor, added some much needed items to our wardrobes, finally had a stereo installed in our car, and went out a night and seen some djs. our check didnt get us too far but we were able to get a few things a little earlier we had been saving to get. what little was left went towards gas and groceries for a few days.”

Ann H., 24, damgoode pies-great pizza try some in lr
Little Rock, AR

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