Thanks for the two bits, Bush.

June 5, 2008 0 Comments

“My Husband and I just moved into are first apartment (we were just married in March, and are expecting a baby in August). We filed single last year, he got $300 and I got $600. ALL OF IT went to bills, gas, and food…except for $150 of my stimulus check that got put in the “baby fund.” As much as I appreciate the two bits that Bush threw our way. It was kind of a big tease. Everyone got just enough that they couldn’t complain that it wasn’t enough. But truth be told…he could’ve kept the $900 if he would just admit his mistakes and step down from his office, and possibly wear a dunce cap for a week…just to make me laugh.

Keep your money next time George, your going to need it to pay your legal fees when the misguided people who voted for you finally help the rest of us try you for war crimes and abuse of power.”

Jill, 24, I’m a temp, because that’s the only job I can find, even with a BA in political science…thanks again W
Levittown, PA

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